Success King Markets Inc was established solely For E-Marketing and Representations Globally. Digital Marketing. We act as Affiliate Marketers, Vendors, in the Franchise in Partnership with Major Global Market Companies. Our activities in the Global Marketplace are fully covered and managed by Big Market Establishments such as CLICK-BANK, AMAZON WordPress Woo-commerce Stripe PayPal Etc… We are an international and regional marketing distribution services company trading in diverse products with the headquarters based in Budapest. Success King Market Inc serves in a wide range of clientele comprising of both local and multinational companies. We stated our E-commerce store as a partner to Jandalucky Kft which has been in operation since 2014 As a private limited Company.

Our Vision

To be Present and to play a big role in the Global Marketplace as we are focus oriented. Our niche includes E-Commerce Stores, Health/Fitness, Crypto/Stock Trading, General internet marketing, and Software. We are expending to be present in all sectors of commerce. Count on us on Efficiency, Time Delivery. We are a Profitable trading company in Hungary

Our Mission
In the Marketplace is to be actively present and play a great role in Global E-Commerce.  Affiliate Business, Vendor, Franchise and Supplier of choice for all our products and partners.  We are Reliable We represent our partners with dignity.

Our Core Values
Our Company’s success has been attributed to the following core values; Robust Customer Service, Efficiency, Reliability & Follow-ups after sales! customers satisfaction.




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