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Awung Ngang
14 Nov 2019 0 Comment
Invest wisely 2020. There are always big decisions to be made. There can't be a better time to invest than now. Business is about timing and yes taking calculated risks. There must be A BIG HAND to lift you up from drowning. CLICK ON >> Click Here For Details & Video

In that regard, You need a partner who is ready and has all tested strategies that could potentially make your whole life change with a few clicks. There can be no better partner than TRADEMINER. Reading from testimonies and we Success King Markets Inc

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I scan for trades and then choose the best potential candidates based on their score and historical average return. Then I look at each in my charts to see which have the best technical setup to be on-track for this year.

Waiting For The Move

I watch the TradeMiner seasonal trade(s) closely and when a trading trend is set to begin I wait for it to take off in that direction. I may miss out on some of the potential profit, but get the added certainty it is heading in the seasonal direction I was anticipating.

Options Trading

I use TradeMiner to buy options instead of the actual stock (or a futures contract). I risk less money on each trade with a larger potential gain % when I am correct.

Counter Seasonal Pull-back

I don't buy (or sell) on the exact date the seasonal trend historically begins. I watch a few symbols at a time and when one goes counter to its seasonal trend initially those are the ones I tend to jump on once they turn and start to move in their normal historical seasonal trend direction.


I am part of a membership site that gives potential trade setups for stocks and options based on technical setups. I never take any of their chosen trades without first making sure the trade agrees with the historical seasonal trend and market cycle from TradeMiner.


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